Brand founder

Margolina is a family name of the brand founder meaning “pearl”.
Olga Margolina, born and grown up in Moscow, is in the banking business in Zurich since 16 years.


Collection 2016 consists of two themes – an elegant blouse and a boyfriend shirt. All models are with cufflinks, decorated with a lace pocket and a natural pearl.
From a first glance, both styles are so different, but is not it true that we often change the roles?


In the business situations it may come reasonable to convey and stick to a dress code. So why not doing it on your own terms: wear a blouse but take one which is made of the fine fabrics with a feminine, gentle decoration of lace & pearl. Nothing can go wrong – you are ready for discussion – and this is obvious. Your shirt works, you control. Do not forget to play with the cufflinks!


Women’s sympathy to get wrapped in a man’s shirt and feel cosy is a declared classic today. You name it, how you can wear it, millions of ways at the various occasions, from morning till evening. Your personal kit with lace & pearl element is making your “boyfriend” so yours. Cufflinks are a separate fun unless you roll up shirt-sleeves to feel absolutely free?

Quality and materials

Collection is designed and elaborated exclusively as a limited edition. Each collection will be produced in a limited number and will remain unique to preserve the speciality of your original. All the elements of each piece are produced by the best European houses in accordance with actual ecological and legal standards.