Education, honesty and good sense for people

Here, my dear ladies and Inspiring force to create the blouses, i would like to tell you about that wonderful place, where the birth of them takes place, or that oven, where my receipt is being carefully followed or.. well.. let me just introduce to you the excellent master of realization of my sketches and fantasies -  Factory, Shirt Manufacturer Ribul, which is situated nearby Porto, city in Portugal

Ribul is the oldest and most traditional factory specialized in the production of shirts and blouses, founded in 1943.

The owner of the factory, Fernao Couceiro, personally takes care of my orders. Fernao and his partner and good friend, grandson of the founder of Ribul, run the business over 30 years together. Since this time, they have never had a sole conflict. Probably because there has not been any ground to interfere into the mutual fields of responsibility. Fernao cares responsibility for the whole clientele, for the business development, suppliers and personal. Partner of him looks after the financial and technical side. Mutual trust and personal responsibility are the basis for the stability of the business and positive atmosphere which one can sense at the factory.

We found out, that I am the sole Russian speaking client of Ribul. Though world known brands, the most famous names producing blouses and shirts, for both men and women, including the Swiss fashion brands, count to the long standing true clients of Fernao.

I was introduced to Ribul in Paris a couple of years ago, at the professional Fair Premier Vision. At that time I gave an order to several European manufactures to produce the samples of my shirts. That exactly, detailed, correct and remarkably precise was I head and was the work mastered only by Ribul. So I knew - we do it together.

Each time I come to Porto to discuss a new collection, I feel the most VIP and most precious guest and client. Being honest with you, from my own profession, trusted banker in the segment of Private capital with over 12 years experience, I know the priceless meaning of a personal contact. To listen, to hear and finally to create the wished result, that all over time – this is how a trusted partnership work. We invest into relationships.. time, attention, money.

Coming to Porto, I happily admit, that the town becomes more and more beautiful. Investments of government as well as the earnings from Tourism applied to the infrastructure are visible on the newly remade facades of buildings, new restaurants and fine boutique hotels which have arisen during last 3-5 years. Fernao never allow me to take a taxi. He picks me up and brings me back from the factory visit personally. There is a tradition to have lunch with the key persons from the factory and family members and dinner at a „just the right one“ restaurant in town. Parents, grandfather and grandmother of Fernao are the aristocracy of Porto. The whole Family, since many generations, have been receiving a University degree in different disciplines. Even the grandmother was teaching Biology at the university, being a mother of 5 kids. Fernao is the sole member of the family, who is devoted to the production business. Politicians, Governor of Porto, Ministers of Finance of Portugal are the ancestors and close relatives of my respected fabricant.

When we go through the streets of Porto, it is not rare at all that some people approach him and greet warmly or come for a few words.

As we had dinner last time I asked Fernao: what is it, which internal rules, he himself considers to be the most important to run business successfully. I remembered his answer for always: education, honesty and good sense for people.